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» What Can I Expect?
» How do I take HGH ?
» Where can I purchase the insulin syringes for my daily injections?
» I am afraid of needles, can I use a “Needle-Free” device for the subcutaneous injection?
» Mixing Instructions?
» How much HGH should be administered?
» Handling and Storage?
» How Is Jintropin Shipped?
» What if my package is lost?
» Does the package have Jintropin or HGH written on the outside of the box?
» How are large quantity orders shipped?
» How do I pay for my Jintropin?
» After placing my order when can I expect to receive my package?
» Is the site secure for using credit cards?
» Do I need a prescription?
What Can I Expect?
It typically takes two - six months of treatment to truly experience the benefit from Human Growth Hormone therapy. Individuals may see the following benefits each month as follows:

Month 1: Improved stamina, better and sounder sleep, more optimistic attitude, improved skin, and an increase in energy.

Month 2: Improved muscle tone, enhanced sexual function, improved nail growth, improved skin tone, better digestion, increase in strength and beginning weight loss.

Month 3: Improved mental processes, muscle size increase, increase in sexual desire, greater body flexibility.

Month 4: General heightening of the first three results.

Month 5: Impressive weight loss and reduction in inches (greater body mass with reduction in adipose tissue), improved and thickened skin, greater skin elasticity, and improved hair appearance (i.e. healthier looking hair).

Month 6: Greatly reduced cellulite, improved eyesight, better emotional stability, stronger immune system with greater resistance to colds and flu, reduction in joint pain and soreness, greater exercise tolerance, in cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and improved heart rate.

Individual improvements and results may differ.

How do I take HGH ?
The only way to take Jintropin is to be injected by using an insulin syringe.
Where can I purchase the insulin syringes for my daily injections?
You can purchase them at www.hocks.com or at www.diabeticsupplies.com or your neighborhood pharmacy. You do not need a prescription for insulin needles in some states. Example would be to ask your pharmacist for “BD Ultra-Fine II short needle” The syringe should be 1cc and 31 gauge needle.
I am afraid of needles, can I use a “Needle-Free” device for the subcutaneous injection?
Yes, we recommend the Injex-30 made by Equidyne Systems. You can view the product here: www.injex.com/products/injex30.asp. You can buy it without a prescription (when you pay by credit card) here:
www.diabeticsupplies.com. You will need the unit and a box of ampules and a box of vial adaptors
Mixing Instructions?
When you receive your shipment of Jintropin/HGH it will come with a Vial of Bacteriostatic Water with a green dot. You may want to use a finger nail file and file on the green dot for a clean break. Before mixing the HGH vial with the diluent (Bacteriostatic Water), you must remove the plastic cap on the HGH vials. This can be done by simply pushing up on the cap and breaking the seal. Beneath the cap will be a rubber stopper. In the center is a smaller circle through which the needle is inserted. It's important to keep the rubber stopper clean and sterile. Before each use, carefully wipe the rubber stopper area where the needle goes with an alcohol swab on the HGH vial. Do not allow anything to touch those sterile areas except the sterile needle. Do not touch the needle and do not allow the needle to come in contact with anything that might contaminate it. You must also break the glass ampoule to access the sterile Bacteriostatic Water. This is done by grabbing the base of the ampoule and the smaller top of the ampoule and bending like you would break a stick. This will cause the ampoule to break at its neck or thinnest point. I recommend wrapping the ampoule in a wash cloth when performing this task to help prevent glass splinters from escaping.

To add diluent (Bacteriostatic Water) to the Jintropin/HGH vial, draw the desired amount of Bacteriostatic Water using a mixing syringe and inject it through the rubber stopper on the Jintropin/HGH vial. Inject diluent slowly, so that it trickles down the wall onto the Jintropin/HGH powder at the bottom. Do not inject forcefully, as the Jintropin/HGH will foam if agitated. Foam will stick to the inside of the vial, causing loss of HGH. For the same reason, do not shake the HGH vial during or after mixing. Instead, slowly roll or rotate the Jintropin/HGH solution until dissolved. After the Jintropin/HGH is fully dissolved, clean the rubber stopper of the HGH vial and the Bacteriostatic water again with an alcohol swab.

How much HGH should be administered?
Jintropin/HGH should be administered a minimum of .5 I.U’ s and a maximum of 2IU’s daily 6 days a week with one day off. HGH should be given in the evening before bed. You should not eat anything an hour and half before and an hour and half after injection. Also do not eat foods high with glucose (sugar) three hours before taking HGH. The sugar with interfere with your bodies absorption of the HGH.

1. Wash your hands before you begin.
2. Mix (reconstitute) one vial of Jintropin with the amount of sterile diluent desired.
3. After mixing, gently swirl the mixture in the vial until the powder is dissolved. Do     not shake. The liquid should be clear with no white powder remaining.
4. Withdraw the prescribed amount of Jintropin using the sterile needle and syringe.
5. Choose a delivery site and clean it with an alcohol wipe. The best sites are those     with a layer of fat between the skin and muscle, like the thigh, the back of the     upper arm, the abdomen and the rear end. Use a different site every time, and do     not deliver Jintropin to an area of the body where the skin is irritated, reddened,     or bruised.
6. Deliver Jintropin by pinching small area of skin and inserting needle into body at a     90 degree angle. Once needle is inserted into the body, depress needle plunger     until HGH has been injected into the body.
7. Apply pressure to the site using a gauze pad or cotton ball.
8. Dispose of needles properly in a biohazardous waste container. Do not reuse     needles or syringes.

Handling and Storage:
Jintropin should be kept cool. This is essential once the product has been reconstituted (i.e. once the liquid and powder have been mixed). When reconstituted, the product must be kept in a fridge at near 5 degrees Celsius. However, Jintropin must not be frozen, and it is recommended to be used within 14 days after reconstitution.

But if the product is left unconstituted, then the shelf life is up to the expiry date marked on its box (normally more than 12 months). In this form, the product is more stable and less prone to heat damage. Jintropin recommends keeping the product cool, and it is advisable to still be stored in the fridge.

Jintropin can be "damaged" if it is exposed to excess temperatures. Undiluted, freeze-dried HGH powder in sterile vials may be safely stored at a temperature not exceeding 86 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 18 months. It may be safe up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for a day or two before mixing and tolerated without a problem. Once water/diluent is added however, the liquid HGH must be kept refrigerated and used within 4 weeks, or the potency will slowly decline (in case your fridge is not so accurate, we recommend use within 14 days).

The reason GH is kept in a fridge after it has been mixed is NOT that it rots or spoils, but that after you have mixed it, there might be bacteria in the vial, and growth hormone is a protein, and they eat it! The result is that it would lose potency. So you want to keep it cold to keep bacteria from multiplying too fast, because there would eventually be a loss of potency.

How Is Jintropin Shipped?
Jintropin is shipped straight from the GeneScience production facility in China utilizing 8 different shipping carriers and delivered to your address of choice. To ensure that Jintropin/HGH is kept cool it may shipped on dry ice or frozen gel packs.
What if my package is lost?
The great benefit of buying Jintropin is that you can purchase insurance. Each package can be insured and should a package get lost we ship out your order again at no cost to you.
Does the package have Jintropin or HGH written on the outside of the box?
No. The package is blind labeled (or has a manufactures name on the box)
How are large quantity orders shipped?
Large quantity orders may be shipped using two – three different shipping carriers. Do not be alarmed should you receive an order that is not complete. The rest of your order is just on another carrier.
How do I pay for my Jintropin?
There are currently two methods. One is by Bank wire transfer. The second is by Western Union.
After placing my order when can I expect to receive my package?
Expect 7-10 business days from the day you sent the money.
Is the site secure for using credit cards?
Yes this site is secured with an SSL certificate.
Do I need a prescription?


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